An experiment combining light, shadows, mechatronics, motion sensing input devices, and physical participatory engagement using human motion capture

Art Installation at
Hubweek 2017

Shadow Coding is an experiment that transforms the small confines of a physical space into an interactive and engulfing spatial experience, emanating from the larger than life responsive shadows of everyday objects. The shadows respond to human gestures when they are touched against a walled surface. The experiment allows an individual to step into another dimension of still life objects and interact with their shadows in an auditory environment. The piece encompasses the use of sensors and custom software to transform a space into a living and responsive environment based on the physical input commands from humans, resulting in an array of cryptic visuals and artistically choreographed mechanical outputs of an object’s shadow.

This work is a collaborative effort between a filmmaker, Karen Schoucair, and a technologist, Rachelle Villalon.